Monday, March 7, 2011

Tid Bits

Every year for Christmas Grandma Nichols and Billy's Parents give us cash. (Love it by the way). It is always fun deciding what to do with my stash. Some years Billy and I go in together and get something, but this year I already knew what I wanted to do with my loot. A zoo membership! Our family hasn't had one in quite some time, and some haven't even experienced the zoo. So for Presidents Day I loaded my car with my 6 + 1 and we made our way with what seemed like the rest of the valley. Billy missed the fun leaving on a 2 week business trip that morning. Bummer for him, but we had a ball! Landon was cracking me up with "ohhhh, Look a' dat", everywhere we went. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids were great for me. I can't wait to go again, hopefully Billy will be able to join the fun.

On February 14th my Granny turned 80! So we headed to Pima for the big celebration. It was so awesome to see all the family and especially to celebrate with her. Granny has made such a big impact in my life. I lived with her and Grandad while I was going to Eastern Arizona College. Honestly I wasn't that studious, but that time in my life is remembered very fondly. Granny and me learned to make porcelain dolls together, we played lots of card games, she tried to teach me to sew, but mostly I loved just being with my grandparents. They were even responsible for me meeting Billy! That is another story for another time.

Granny with all the grandkids -3. That's a pretty good crowd for having only her 3 little girlies.

All the greats! -3

Granny and her 3 girls!

In February our Cubscouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet! It was a western theme, with a big Chuck Wagon, calf roping, a big BBQ and lots of fun! Dallin earned his Webelos that night. He has great leaders that really helped him out a ton! He loves cubscouts!

Dallin receiving his Webelos award! We were all suppose to wear our western digs. Rowley's aren't really into that. (Sorry Dad)
We had the program around a campfire! The boys loved it, but they did have to be reminded a few times about fire safety.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

Quite a few years ago, after we started having children, Billy and me went out for a big night on the town on Valentines Day. After a 2 hour wait, me being cranky that we were paying a babysitter the whole time, the night was kind of a bust. From then on we decided to make Valentines more of a family affair. Every year we have a candlelight dinner with our little crew, and play games or have a dance etc. So this was our V-Day 2011!

This years decor. Notice the jars on the back cabinet, we exchanged Valentines and little treats throughout the week previous. We had a lot of fun, and it was cool to see the kids run in after to school to check to see if there were any new additions, or to add some themselves.

All my Valentines minus the newest! This year for the activity we played Charades. We need to work a little bit on our skill, but it was a laugh. Also Garrett made a valentine version of duck, duck goose. Lots of Fun!

Our Heart pizza! (Thank you Papa Murphy's)

Little Miss Miranda, she was to tuckered out to join in the fun.

In other news:

Last Saturday Karynn tried out for Mesa Youth People's Orchestra! She practiced really hard and it paid off. Congrats Karynn!

Karynn letting her daddy know she got in. He worked hard too.

Last but not least, I have decided this little guy is a Psycho. No wonder I don't get any house work done around here. I am good to keep him alive. He got the peanut butter off the top shelf himself. I guess he decided that a bananas really isn't a complete meal. (He does need protein I guess).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have a blog?!?!

Yes, I know. It has been over a year since my last post. Truthfully, I do feel a lot of guilt. I love to read blogs, and get a little exasperated when blogs I love to read haven't posted for awhile.
A LITTLE HYPOCRITICAL, I KNOW! So let's do a little catch up:
Billy - Busy with work! YEA! This is huge, because work has been quite slow for the past couple years. Hopefully it continues and people remember to pay. He always finds time for me and the kids, and if anything suffers it is sleep. He is the best!

Karynn - 12, in Young Women's now. Growing up way to fast! She gave her first talk in sacrament meeting today! She did a great job! She is becoming quite the violinist and is doing great on the piano as well. She is the best helper ever, and every Monday I want to cry as I send her out the door. I really depend on her A LOT! She sure does rise to the occasion though. She is so much fun to hang with. She laughs all the time and she makes me laugh! She is quite the artist, and loves making cartoon characters. She loves listening to music, Josh Groban and the Beatles are her faves right now. She writes the best stories, and uses so much imagination in them. She is training the hike the Grand Canyon with her daddy, I wish all little girls could have a relationship with their dad like she does. She has grown up soooo much lately, and is becoming quite the young woman.

Dallin - 10, Earning his Webelos in Cubscouts this week! He has a mind like his father's, and I can't help him with math homework anymore. He is generous to a fault, and loves to do things for others. He is starting to eat me out of house and home, but still maintains his 2% body fat. I would love his metabolism. He started wearing glasses this year, after telling me for the past 2 years he couldn't see. I just thought he thought glasses were cool. Lesson learned, listen to my children. He loves to sing and has gotten the opportunity to sing quite a few solos in church. He plays the piano, and the Cello. (He switched from the violin this year, told us only girls play the violin. Billy thought that was pretty funny). He is having a great time playing basketball this season, and is learning a lot. He is such a kind hearted kid, and loves everyone.

Reagan - 7, and cute as a button. Very imaginative, and can play in her room by herself for hours. She is definately into princesses and dress up, anything girly. She started playing the piano this year, and is coming along very quickly. I love to practice with her because she loves to sing while she plays and gets very into it. She was asked to sing at our Ward Christmas Party, and she felt like a star! She loves cooking with me, and she thinks doing the dishes is the best job ever! If only I can continue the enthusiasm. She has a cute little gap between her two top teeth just like her daddy had! In fact, I think she looks the most like him out of all our kids. She calls me Mommy Salami, and it makes me laugh!

Garrett - 5, our only blue eyed child! He's in kindergarten and LOVES IT! He loves his teacher and tells us all the time that he is her favorite! I think every child should feel that way. Such a happy guy! Our most even tempered, but has a little tease inside of him that creaps up occasionally. He loves to be outside! Loves bikes, scooters, balls, and his new favorite is his roller skates. He got them because he stopped sucking his thumb for 2 whole weeks. We made him a deal a couple months ago, and he worked hard and had to start over several times, but he finally did it! He has become a great reader, and brags quite often about his chapter books! He tells me all the time that Junie B. Jones can be really naughty! He loves people, and is always looks at everything in such a positive way.

Landon - 1, our wild child! He thinks he's 10. I guess that happens with so many olders. He wakes up running and stops when he is asleep. He is feisty, busy, hilarious, and keeps us on out toes. He is the biggest tease ever, and loves to perform for us. His favorite song is Scripture Power, and he grabs his Book of Mormon randomly throughout the day and I sing while he jumps and raises his scriptures in the air at the appropriate time. He knows when I am busy, and keeps a running list of things that he can get into while I am occupied. He justed started to like movies, and Princess and the Frog is #1. We think it is hilarious to put on another flick, and watch him panic. He eventually does get froggy. He is such a mover, but he will sit and snuggle with me if I put the movie on. His baby time has gone by so quickly, sometimes I feel cheated. I do however choose to believe that they stay a baby until they enter kindergarten.

Miranda- 2 months, well she will be 3 months this coming week, but I have issues with that. She has been such a joy in our home! She is such a happy little gal! Round and chubby, with such an easy tempermant. She started sleeping through the night early, which is such a blessing! She loves all the kids, and they love to hold and snuggle her. She even is pretty patient while Landon holds her. She loves to coo, and will hold a full on conversation with anyone! She also thinks your funny if you act like a goon, (secretly she is probably smiling because she thinks we are a bunch of lunatics). There is nothing like having a baby around. She is so comforting, and really helps to keep the spirit in our home.

Me, Karen - 34, as of the 11th. I'm keeping pretty busy with the 6 kiddos, but I'm loving it. I am enjoying being the mother of my olders, and cherishing my little ones. I can't believe how fast these years are going by. In some ways it feels like I just graduated from high school, in other ways that seems like a lifetime ago. I have a wonderful husband who is selfless and always puts others before himself. I have 6 wonderful kids, who I am thankful to call mine. I have such great people in my life to rub shoulders with. It is great to be me! My goal this year is to blog more than I did last. Ha! Success!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote From Garrett!

"Mom I'm ridiculously Good Looking"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Have I ever mentioned......

I am completely afraid of snakes. Apperantely these two take after their dad.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rim 2 Rim

It seemed like an eternity away when preparations were made for our Rim to Rim excursion through the Grand Canyon. The hotel reservations were made at the end of 2008. Our hike date was September 26, 2009. There were 10 of us that drove up to the North Rim the Friday before the hike. 8 of us hiked (me, my Dad, brother in law Chuck, 3 of the Goodmans, and the Thomas' who I met that day) and the other 2 were kind enough to drive us to the North Rim and then turn around the next day and drive back to the South Rim to meet us. It seems kind of funny that as the crow flies it is only 10 miles from North Rim to South Rim, but it takes 5 hours to drive.

September 26th dawned for us around 4:00 a.m. We ended up hitting the trail a little after 5:00. It was still dark and was somewhere around 40 degrees plus a bone freezing wind chill. I didn't take long to get warmed up though. The trip was fantastic and I have attached a small sampling of the photos that were taken along the way. I would like to note one thing. My Dad always makes fun of Karalyn (my sister) for the amount of pictures she takes, but between videoing and taking over 200 pictures we ended up getting out 2 hours after the last person in the group. I thought at one point about accidentally bumping his camera down one of the Canyons.

The hike starts at North Kaibab trailhead through Phantom Ranch and up Bright Angel (you can also go up South Kaibab trail) for a total of 23 miles. The elevation goes from 8,200ft down to 2,400ft and back up to 7,000ft.

This first picture is at the Supai Tunnel which is 2 miles down the North Kaibab.

This view is right after the Supai tunnel looking down the Canyon. The switchbacks are amazing.

Perspective (Can you see me)

Bright Angel Creek runs with the North Kaibab trail all the way down to the Colorado River.

This was one of my favorite pictures. We get to see the River, both bridges and Vishnu Temple (at least I think it's Vishnu).

The infamous Corkscrew about a mile before Indian Gardens.

I didn't actually take any pictures other than this and a couple of information signs at Indian Gardens. We got here around 5:00 p.m.

Here are a couple of good shots of the switchbacks on the way out of the South Rim. It wouldn't be quite as bad if it wasn't after 20 miles of hiking. Although it is really cool nonetheless. Sorry I couldn't get the pictures to rotate.

Here we are coming out at 8:00. It was a long day, but well worth it. I had a cold Dr. Pepper waiting for me in the hotel room.

Now that a week has past I am ready to start making the preparations to do it again next year.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Dream Job!!!!!

If I ever had to go back to work, this is the Job. Charm City Cakes (Ace of Cakes, for all you none lovers of the Foodnetwork channel. Shame on you by the way). Totally awesome this place seems to me. It wouldn't hurt that I would be around cake all day either.

Duff is the boss man. He totally cracks me up, and none of his employees get to worked up around him.

My fellow cake decorators. They totally crack me up. They all have dry sense of humors that make me just giggle constantly when I watch the show. A bunch of nerdies which makes me like them even more.

Geoff is my favorite. He is especially dry, which for some reason makes everything funnier to me. (By the way amazing cake!!! Reagan would be pscycho for that cake).

This cake is my favorite for Halloween. Totally awesome!!!!!! So there you go. If I ever go to work, this is at the top of my list.

If you haven't watched the show.

Do it! Do it Now! Hmmmm that quote reminds me of someone pretty great!!!

By the way if you were wondering why all the blogging lately, it's because it's either this, or clean my house. Easy decision. Bummer for Billy though.